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One question that comes up somewhat regularly is how to transfer Kindle books to another place when getting a new device. Here are instructions on how to quickly transfer Kindle eBooks in 2021.

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Depois de descarregarmos um eBook(livro electrónico) da biblioteca pública, descobriremos que o ficheiro descarregado é .acsm. E é-nos dito que devemos utilizar as Edições Adobe Digital Editions para abrir o ficheiro acsm. Aí

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I have a bunch of epub files that I have bought from Kobo, Barnes and Nobles and some other online ebooks stores that I’d like to be able to read in my kindle

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More and more people like listening to Audiobooks from and Apple Books. Nearly all the purchased or downloaded audiobooks are in the format of AAX or M4B with DRM protection. That is

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Cuando hablemos de Eliminación de DRM de Calibre 2020, sabremos que debemos agregar herramientas para quitar el DRM a Calibre porque son imprescindibles si queremos eliminar DRM de los libros electrónicos con Calibre.

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No matter you download kobo books via Adobe Digital Editions or kobo desktop application, your kobo books will be protected by drm. If you try to transfer your Kobo books to any other

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Wattpad is a free reading and writing app which enables you to read millions of free online stories and books from authors all over the world. Millions of varieties of these stories are

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Se desideri convertire ACSM in PDF / EPUB, questa guida ti fornisce le migliori opzioni software, sia a pagamento che gratuite.La mia prima scelta per questa attività è iSummersoft ACSM Converter, che offre grandi

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Google is known for its search engine, but it is also a digital giant which owns its business on books, magazines, audiobooks, apps, games and more. Today, we are focusing on the Google

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Todos sabemos que Kindle está utilizando un nuevo formato KFX en sus libros electrónicos, lo que nos hace más sifícil eliminar el DRM y convertir formatos KFX. Aunque hay una solución que hace