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How to Find Kindle Serial Number (The Easiest Way)

Do you want to know which kindle model you have in order to buy the proper case or other accessories, even more, to remove kindle drm? Here we would like to use the kindle serial number. Still, a lot of kindle users don’t know how to find kindle serial number. We are here to help you figure out what’s your kindle serial number.

There are many ways to find kindle serial number. Earlier kindle models can be easily found on the device itself under back cover. Or if you still have the package of your kindle, you can find the kindle serial number there.


Do you still have your package? I guess not. If you are wondering how to find your kindle serial number, the good news is you don’t need your kindle package. In fact, finding kindle serial number is super easy on your kindle device or on Amazon website.

Method 1. Find Kindle serial number on Kindle device

To find the kindle serial number on the device itself, just go to the home screen and tap the three dots at the top right corner to open the menu, tap “Settings”>>”Device Options”>>”Device info”. A pop up window will appear with the serial number on it.

kindle serial number on kindle device

Method 2. Find kindle serial number on Amazon website

If you have registered your Kindle with your Amazon account, you can find your kindle’s information on the Amazon website.

Step 1. Go to “Manage content and devices” and click “Device” tab.

manage content and devices

Step 2. select “Kindle”, and then click the kindle that you want to find the serial number of.

kindle device

Step 3. In the “Device Summary” page, you’ll see kindle serial number.

Pro tip: Use kindle serial number to remove kindle drm from kindle books published in 2023

Since Amazon books  published after the 3rd of January 2023 are encrypted with the tougher kindle drm which makes it more difficult to remove drm from kindle ebooks. However, with the kindle serial number, you still can remove drm from kindle books published in 2023.

Step 1. Download kindle books via “Download and transfer vis USB”.

Step 2. Download and install iSummersoft Kindle Converter and input kindle serial number to iSummersoft kindle converter.

set ksn

Click “Set KSN” and then input the kindle serial number.

input kindle serial number

Then drag the kindle books to the iSummersoft kindle converter to remove drm. If you need the epub format, you can also click “Convert to epub” to convert kindle to epub format.

kindle kindle usb

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