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How to Get Free Books for Your Nook (5 Places)

When asked about Nook vs. Kindle, you will definitely have an answer that blurted out, that is Kindle. However, as a senior editor and eBooks industry researcher, I would say there must be countless nook lovers just because Nook devices or apps support ePub well while Kindle doesn’t support ePub. This blog is focused on how to get free epub books for your Nook if you were a Nook fan.

01. B&N free ebooks collection

The first place to visit is Barnes & Noble’s own extensive free eBooks page. It offers many wonderful free books from contemporary and upcoming authors, as well as free classic eBooks.

Visit B&N free ebooks collection, find the free book you like and add it to your cart, sign into your account and check out to get your free eBook added to your free NOOK app account or nook device. 

nook free store

Friendly tips: You can also directly type keywords such as “0.00” to search free nook files. You will access over 1.7 million free ebooks in the nook store.

02. Get free eBooks from Freebooksy

Freebooksy helps you find your new favorite author or series without spending any money. Besides Nook epub, it also features many free ebooks for Kindle, Kobo and Apple.

free booksy nook

I really like this website’s subscription service because it sends a curated, personalized list of eBook downloads to my email inbox daily!

03. Book Cave free ebooks for nook

Book Cave is built specifically for connecting authors to new readers. But to get and download free books, you have to subscribe to the author’s newsletter.

book cave nook

Different from Apple books and amazon kindle, to download free nook books from Book Cave, you will be redirected to Barnes & Noble site, while other titles can be directly downloaded at Book Cave.

04. Bookbub free ebooks for nook

BookBub is a free service that helps you discover books you’ll love through unbeatable discounts, new releases, and preorders from your favorite authors.

bookbub free nook

Compared to other websites, I personally prefer this site more because I can get exclusive free giveaway books and more free resources about the same book (free audiobook, free audio mp3, etc.). After all, these freebies are selected by their expert editorial team.

05.  B&N readouts

B&N Readouts enables readers to scroll through free contents on many topics before deciding if they want to continue to read the rest.

b&n readouts

Every coin has two sides, those free contents are only selections of one book. You still need to purchase the entire book if you are interested in one part (contents that B&N readouts show to you).

Summary and tips

01. Besides the above websites, you can also find thousands of free titles for your Nook from those torrent sites or borrow from Overdrive platform.  The key point is to ensure that the downloaded format is ePub (nook version of the book). Then, you can transfer the ePub books to your Nook devices.

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02. Nook ePub books are available on compatible NOOK devices and the free NOOK apps.

3. Some free Nook ePub books are protected with Nook drm. If you would like to download them and get a backup, remove nook drm please.

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