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How to Remove Kobo DRM free with Calibre

No matter you download kobo books via Adobe Digital Editions or kobo desktop application, your kobo books will be protected by drm. If you try to transfer your Kobo books to any other e-reading apps or eReaders, you are not able to read your kobo books due to the kobo drm. The only way to break this is to remove DRM from Kobo books. Here is a free way to remove kobo drm – using Calibre with Dedrm Plugin installed. It’s a software program that is totally free and works with both Windows and Mac. Now, let’s together remove kobo drm free with Calibre.

First of all, please download kobo books to your computer.

Remove Kobo DRM Calibre


Step-by-step guide>>

Step 1. Run Calibre, select “Preferences” > “Plugin” > “Load plugin from file”.

load calibre dedrm plugin

Step 2. Then choose the “Obok_plugin.zip” from the unzipped DeDRM_tools_6.8.0 archive, click on the “Open” button.

add obok drm plugin

Step 3. Click “Yes” and “OK”, keep all the options default.

click ok

Step 4. Finally, you need to restart Calibre, and you will see the plugin displayed on the top menu bar.

Step 5. Click “Obok DeDRM” on the menu bar, you can see all your downloaded kobo books listed here. Click “Select All” >>”OK”, and the drm removing tool will start decrypting your kobo books.

remove kobo drm calibre dedrm

Once finished, your kobo books will be added to Calibre library successfully.

add kobo books

You can also “Click to open” the converted file path.

Now you’ve decrypted your kobo books and get the drm-free kobo epub or kepub books.

You may have noticed that it is not easy way to remove kobo drm with Calibre drm plugin cause you have to download several tools and plugins and install them manually, but it is free and did succeed in removing kobo books. For people who can’t be bothered, my advice is to use the other paid but easiest method we will introduce below.

Remove Kobo DRM with Kobo Converter

iSummersoft Kobo Converter is the best and provides a number of features to bring ease to your kobo ebook drm removing and converting. Unlike Calibre, it is designed to be easy to use for beginners so you don’t need to install any additional tools or plugins.

Step 1. First download and install iSummersoft kobo converter. (This is a paid software with free trial version. The free trial allows you to decrypt and convert 3 books in total.)

Step 2. Just open Kobo Converter, the kobo books you downloaded will be displayed in the left panel. Drag and drop them to the right column.

remove kobo drm

Step 3. Then select the target format you want to convert your kobo books. Then click “Convert to XX” to decrypt and convert kobo books.

convert kepub to epub/pdf

To get your converted kobo books, just click “Open” next to output path in the central bottom.


The feee and paid methods listed above are tried and true, and each has its own advantages. You can do a comparison between them and choose one that suits you best.

If you need a totally free way to remove kobo drm, you can just go with Calibre with DeDRM but it’s a little difficult to handle for some people.

It you need a much easier way to remove kobo drm and get technical support, then Kobo Converter should be a better choice.

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