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Clear 2 Step Guide on How to Download Kortext eTextbooks & eBooks Offline

August 27, 2021 terminator 0 Comments

 Kortext is the largest personal learning platform in the world.

In fact, it provides access to over 2 million ebooks from 4,500+ publishers.

Kortext provides both online readers and devices apps so that we can read their files. However, it’s not so easy to save copies of books so we can read them later (offline). 

Here is the easiest way and straightforward process to download Kortext online books to PC/Mac computer for printing and backing up.

Step1. Add and purchase books to the Kortext library.

Kortext provides a lot of free eTextbooks in its store, and of course there are also many paid contents. We could directly add books to the bookshelf or cart, and then they will be successfully added to the bookshelf.

kortext library

All of the added eTextbooks are listed in “Library” and you can also click on the cover to open them via the Kortext online reader (viewer).

Quick tip: For students, to get an institution’s university book into the Kortext library, we should “Redeem access code” by clicking the options icon on the book cover, select ‘Assessment’ and click on the link. 

redeem code kortext

IMPORTANT: Make sure you sign-in using the same username and password that you created when you redeemed your access code.

Step2. Download Kortext eBooks to ePub/PDF with iSummersoft Kortext Converter.

isummer download kortext

As what the image shows, iSummersoft Kortext Converter is a desktop app that helps download our Kortext books from the Kortext library to our own computer. It’s the best tool for Kortext to ePub/PDF conversions.

The first time using Kortext Converter, we should input our Kortext account information so that the tool could help detect our books that we added to our Kortext bookshelf.

login kortext

After login successfully, it will show our books with “ePub” or “PDF” label at the left panel. Now all we should do is to select books from the left to the right and click on the “Download” button.

Importance: The downloading speed differs depending on our internet status and the book file size (how many pages it owns). By default, it takes about 3-5 seconds to download per page.

If the original book is ePub, the downloaded format will be ePub. If the original book is PDF, the downloaded format will be PDF.

Wait for the downloading to be completed, and then click on the “Open” button to open the output path.

downloaded kortext


1. This tool will save the downloaded PDF format book as several parts if the original book file contains more than 300 pages. If a pdf file size is too large, it takes much more time to open it.
2. There are many PDF readers that we can use, but to ensure 100% successfully PDF opening, I will highly recommend you use Chrome/Edge browser or Apple books.

Now our books belong to ourselves, we can back up them to another place, and print them out, and even share them with our friends (personal use).

print kortext all pages

Can I download Kortext books offline directly via online reader? – No.

The Kortext online reader is powerful when we need to read our books via browser online. From the library if we select one book and click on the 3-dots icon, it provides more actions such as “Read Offline”.

read offline

When I find this option, I guess that maybe I can download the book title with this function. But after I clicked it, it said “Download Kortext for Mac”. That means the offline reading feature is bundled with the Kortext app. 

dl kortext mac app

Can I download Kortext books via Kortext Windows 10 / Mac app? – No.

Then I continue to download and install the Kortext for Mac app. 

I find the app name is “Kortext Online”. After login in with my account in this app, the interface is nearly the same as the online reader and I didn’t find the “Download” option.

kortext online app

And in fact, due to system limitations regarding publisher content, the Mac app does not currently offer the read offline functionality.

mac offline no

Considering I can open the book, I guess maybe the app also helps download the title as soon as I open it. But how to find the stored location? If we can’t find its storage location, then our offline download is almost meaningless. Isn’t it?


I didn’t test the offline read function on Windows computer because I couldn’t install the Kortext windows 10 app in my country. Leave your comment if you could do this and let me know more information, then I will update this article.

Can I download the Kortext eBooks via Adobe Digital Editions PC/Mac? – No.

As Kortext’s official website said, we can use Adobe Digital Editions on our computer to help download Kortext eBooks offline. But in fact, Kortext has disabled this service since 2019 (maybe earlier).

kortext adobe no

As shown in the picture above, we could see the “Download” button at the bottom of the book cover (in Kortext library), but now we won’t see this button in newly designed kortext bookshelf.

And I even tried to log in my ADE on my Mac with Kortext account info, but I failed. It means that Kortext tends to guide us on its own app now. In other words, books we bought from Kortext platform are not available to be opened via ADE any more.

Can I download Kortext and remove DRM by screen capture? – Yes, but troublesome.

The above tool is also used for removing the DRM from our Kortext books. Someone will suggest us take screen capture. Though, this is one method, but I think it’s crazy.

If you need to print some pages of one book, you can go through this method. But if you need to crack the drm limitation of the total book (and even all of your books), the unique effective way is using the iSummersoft Kortext Converter. Don’t complicate simple things. Spend time in reading!

More reasons that we must download Kortext for offline.

The first reason is printing. Kortext allows us to print pages from the ebooks via the online reader, however the amount is restricted by the publisher’s copyright. 

kortext epub print
kortext epub print limit
kortext pdf print
kortext pdf print limit

If we want to print the total book, we must use a kortext downloader to help download all pages.

Another reason is for backing up. Those eTextbooks take time to learn, but some books will not be readable if the period expires. We paid money for them, but we couldn’t take our time to read them with ease. So, why not download them offline for personal use?

Executive Summary

There you have it, go with iSummersoft Kortext Converter. This tool lets us access our favorite Kortext eTextbooks anytime, even without an Internet connection. Downloading Kortext books and storing them on our computer or phone helps us never miss out on the learning contents we like.

The only requirement of using this tool is making sure that you open your books in the Kortext library (bookshelf).

Tips more (and important):

1. Some third-party student eBooks stores (such as the JS Group website) provide books and those contents can be opened with either ADE or Kortext. This means, some books should be opened via ADE while others should be opened via Kortext. Only those Kortext contents can be downloaded by this converter tool. 
2. If the book has already expired in our library, this tool won’t help us download it.
3. Free trial version helps download 10 pages of each book. The one-month license requires $14.99 and the 1-year license requires $29.99 (best value).

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