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If you have a Kobo and you’re hoping for an easy way to export Kobo highlights and annotations so you can view them in an editable file (word, txt, etc.) on your laptop,

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È facile stampare un file PDF. Scegli i documenti di cui hai bisogno nel programma di stampa e poi fai clic sul pulsante "Stampa" per eseguire facilmente questo compito. Ma come faccio a stampare un

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Una delle domande che sorge più spesso quando si acquista un nuovo Kindle è come trasferire i libri dal vecchio Kindle al nuovo dispositivo. In questa guida troverai le istruzioni su come trasferire

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Si quieres convertir ACSM a PDF o EPUB, con esta guía podrás elegir las mejores opciones de software, tanto pagadas como gratuitas.La que más recomiendo es iSummersoft ACSM Converter, que ofrece una gran

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It is easy to print a PDF file. Choose the documents you need in the print-friendly program and then click on the "Print" button to get this job done easily. But how do

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En 2021 una pregunta que surge con cierta regularidad es cómo transferir libros Kindle a otro lugar al obtener un nuevo dispositivo. Aquí están las instrucciones sobre cómo transferir rápidamente Kindle eBooks en

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We all know that Kindle is using new KFX format into their eBooks, which causes us more difficult to remove drm and convert kfx formats. Though there is a solution that reverting the

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You like reading Wattpad stories and sometime want to highlight or even copy text on Wattpad. To copy and paste from Wattpad stories, you highlight, right-click, and copy as you normally would, as

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 Kortext is the largest personal learning platform in the world. In fact, it provides access to over 2 million ebooks from 4,500+ publishers. Kortext provides both online readers and devices apps so that

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What is "Download and transfer via USB" for Kindle devices? It is the easiest way to download kindle content to your computer without installing kindle App desktop application. Here we'll discuss how to