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How to Print ACSM File from Adobe Digital Editions?

November 30, 2021 terminator 0 Comments

How can I print acsm file? There is no way to open it and no print option. What exactly is acsm file?

I bet you are wondering why you cannot print the acsm file as easy as printing a pdf file, right? Well, that’s because acsm file is not a real ebook file in common sense. Therefore, they can’t be opened, read, and print like other eBook formats, like an EPUB or PDF. Please don’t worry. I am going to show you how to print acsm file step-by-step.

But first, let’s check out what acsm file is so that you can understand why we need to print acsm with the assistance of Adobe Digital Editions.

Part 1. What is acsm file?

acsm file

An acsm file is an Adobe Content Server Message file, containing information about downloading a digital content which is protected by Adobe DRM copy protection. Actually, .ascm file doesn’t contain the ebook content itself, but can been seen as the download link which used to authorize, legally download, and read purchase eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions.

Part 2. How to open acsm file?

To open acsm file, you’ll need Adobe Digital Editions and create an Adobe ID.

Notice: ACSM file can be open on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices once they are installed the Adobe Digital Editions. Here we will discuss how to open acsm file on computer(windows/mac) so that we can print it later.

Step 1. Install Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 2. Created Adobe ID if you still still haven’t it.

create adobe id new

Step 3. Authorize your computer with your Adobe ID.

adobe id authorize on mac

Step 4. Right click the acsm file and open with “Adobe Digital Editions”, then ADE will download the real ebook content as PDF or epub format. Meanwhile, the ebook will be stored in the folder “My Digital Editions” on your computer.

open with ade 4.5

Well, as you have downloaded the acsm file to pdf or epub on your computer.

digital editions mac os

The next step is to print it.

Part 3. How to print acsm file from adobe digital editions?

With the help of Adobe Digital Editions, we can download acsm file on our computer and read it with ADE. Still, we can print acsm file on Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 1. Open the book you want to print on Adobe. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can find it on your ADE library.

Step 2. Click on File>> Print to Print this book. Or you can use keyboard shortcuts. On Windows, press “Ctrl+p” which press CMD +p” on Mac to print.

Please note not all acsm file are allowed to print. You can check whether your acsm book can be printed or not by right clicking book cover and then click “Item info” from the pop up menu. You’ll see the printing information in the prompted box.

If your book is allowed to be print on any device, that means you can print it without any restriction.

But if you see printing is not allowed, then we should take the following steps to make our books are printable on any device.

Part 4. What if printing is not allowed in Adobe Digital Editions?

Some publishers restrict their books to be copied and printed with Adobe DRM protection. Therefore, to print not allowed printing acsm file, we only need to convert the adobe drm pdf/epub file to normal pdf/epub files to print it. In other words, we should convert acsm to drm-free pdf files. You can use an ebook converting and decrypting tool–acsm converter to help you convert acsm to drm-free pdf.

Here are the steps.

Step 1. Download ACSM Converter.

iSummersoft ACSM Converter is the most easy-to-user adobe drm stripper and converter. It helps remove adobe drm and convert acsm to pdf/epub/azw3/docs format.

Step 2. Convert acsm to drm-free pdf.

Launch ASCM Converter. The ebooks will be loaded in the left column. Just drag them to the right column and then choose “PDF” as the target format. Finally, click on “Convert” button to start the conversion.

Step 3. Print acsm from Adobe Digital Editions.

When the conversion finished, you’ll get the pdf file on your computer by clicking “Open” button on ACSM Converter. Just open the book with ADE, open it, then click on File>> Print to Print this book.

Some final tips to keep in mind

  • Open acsm file with ADE will download your acsm file to pdf or epub files to you computer. But you need to authorize your computer with ADE before doing so.
  • Not all acsm files are encrypted with DRM, but most of them do.
  • When you get your acsm file to drm-free pdf, printing it from ADE is not your only option if you have other apps to open it. That means you can read your pdf in browser and then print it there.

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