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Best EPUB DRM Removal Free and Paid 2024

I have a bunch of epub files that I have bought from Kobo, Barnes and Nobles and some other online ebooks stores that I’d like to be able to read in my kindle app. It there anyway to do so?

You may get different errors if you just simply copy and paste these epub files to your kindle device or other eReaders. Basically, that’s because when you buy epub books (from Kobo, Google Play or other online ebook stores), what you get is a drm-protected epub book. In other words, you don’t exactly own the book, what you paid for is just something similar to a license to get access to read that book. No natter you want to read epub books on kindle or just want to back them on your computer, it is a must to remove drm from your epub books, and sometimes you’ll even need to convert epub format to other format as well.

What is the best epub drm removal? Is there any free epub drm removal?

To help you get these questions answered, here we are going to introduce the 5 best epub drm removal tools to help you remove DRM from epub books so that you can really own the books and read them on more devices freely.

Warning: It is illegal to give away or resell epub files that you have removed the DRM through the internet, so please keep them for your personal use only!

Epub DRM brief introduction

EPUB, short for electronic publication, is the most common format for digital books used for storing eBooks and other types of content. EPUB files can be opened in most eBook readers, including the B&N Nook, Kobo eReader, and Apple’s Books app, with the notable exception of Amazon kindle. Please note that EPUB is completely free to use and vendor-independent format.

However, the fact is the online ebook stores all encrypt their ebooks with different DRM schemes. And at the moment, there are four major Epub DRM schemes currently in use.

Adobe Adept DRM(Adobe Digital Editions)

The most popular epub DRM scheme is Adobe Digital Editions Adept DRM. This DRM was developed originally by Aodobe company but adopted by many ebooks stores, libraries. Now it is the most used epub drm.

Apple FairPlay DRM(Apple Books)

As its name indicated, this drm is developed and used only by Apple books. For now, there are not any working apple books drm removal in the market.

Kobo Epub/Kepub DRM(Kobo Desktop application and Kobo eReader)

From version 3.19, Kobo changed their DRM schemes from Adobe adept to Kobo KEpub DRM. Kobo books downloaded from kobo desktop application and kobo eReader are all encrypted with Kobo kepub drm.

Nook DRM(Nook Windows 10 App and Nook eReader)

In 2019, nook changed how their encryption works. And since then, their ebooks are encrypted with its own nook drm.

Note: the above four drm schemes all work with epub books.

In this following part, I will recommend the best epub drm removal of each epub drm scheme so that you can use the right and best epub drm removal to handle your epub books easily and effectively.

Free epub drm removal–Calibre

Calibre is the open source ebook manager and ebook format converter. It is compatiable with a wide range of plugins. Among then, Calibre DeDRM plugin is the most popular one because it can help you remove ebook drm. With the dedrm plugin installed, Calibre can remove ebooks from different vendors like Amazon Kindle, PDF (ACSM), Kobo KEPUB, Amazon Kindle, and Google epub/pdf books.

To use this free Epub drm remval, you need to install Dedrm removal plugin. This is the first and most important step otherwise Calibre will only handle drm-free ebooks.

How to use free epub drm removal—Calibre

Step 1. download Calibre to your computer and launch it.

Step 2. download De-DRM Plugin package to your computer and unzip it.

Step 3. install Dedrm plugin to Calibre.

Step 4. remove epub drm with Calibre.

This is a totally free epub drm removal if you can have dedrm plugin installed successfully. But if you are not willing to pay for any epub drm removal, this one can be a perfect choice. Bear this in mind you’ll get no technical support because it is freeware.

Remove nook epub drm–Nook DRM Removal

Epub is the one of the main Nook ebook formats. Do you know that all Nook ebooks are encrypted with Nook drm. Is there any way to remove Nook drm? Do a search in google for Nook DRM removal, there are many software claims that they are the best NOOK DRM removal, but are they really working today? Then I did some investigation and found that almost all of them are not working now! Fortunately, iSummersoft Nook Converter is the only one that can remove Nook epub DRM and convert nook epub to azw3, mobi, pdf, and other formats.

How to use Nook DRM Removal to remove Nook epub drm?

Step 1. download nook books via Nook Windows 10 App.

Step 2. download and install iSummersoft Nook Converter.

Step 3. fill in your nook account information in your Nook converter. Note: this is for generating nook key file for removing drm.

Step 4. drag nook books to iSummersoft Nook Converter and choose the target format, then click on “Convert”.

remove drm from nook books

Remove kobo epub/kepub drm—Kobo DRM Removal

Epub(kepub) are used by kobo ebook store. However, Kobo ebooks are encrypted with different drm schemes due to the way they are downloaded. If kobo ebooks are downloaded from kobo desktop app or kobo device, they will be protected by kobo drm. To remove kobo epub(or kepub) drm, you’ll need kobo DRM Removal—iSummersoft kobo Converter. This handy tool can remove kobo drm(kobo epub, kepub, kobo pdf) drm and convert kobo format to kindle format easily.

How to remmove kobo epub/kepub drm with iSummersoft Kobo Converter?

Step 1. download kobo books via kobo desktop application.

Step 2. download and install iSummersoft Kobo Converter.

Step 3. drag nook books to iSummersoft kobo Converter and choose the target format, then click on “Convert”.

kobo converter interface

Remove adobe epub drm–ACSM/Adobe DRM Removal

Have you ever encountered with the .acsm file? If yes, then you may need ACSM DRM Removal. You must be curious because we should discuss epub drm removal here. Why do I mention ACSM? That’s because the acsm file is not real ebook format, but the download link for epub or pdf format. If you download the real content of acsm file, acsm file will turn out to be epub or pdf. For this kind of ebooks, they are encrypted with adobe drm. What ebooks are with adobe drm? The adobe drm should be one of the most widely used drm type in the digital world. Let me count—kobo books (downloaded via adobe digital editions), GooglePlay books, many library books and more. The common feature is they are all need the Adobe Digital Editions to download ebooks eventually.

Is there any way to remove adobe epub drm? Sure, iSummer ACSM Converter is an expert Adobe EPUB PDF DRM removal. With the sepciality of ebook drm elimination, ACSM converter can help you remove Adobe epub and pdf drm and convert them to any ebook format you want. This tool is the simplest to use and provides excellent output quality.

How to remove adobe epub(pdf) drm with iSummer ACSM Converter?

Step 1. download ascm to epub with Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 2. download and install iSummersoft ACSM Converter.

Step 3. drag Adobe epub books to iSummersoft ACSM Converter and choose the target format, then click on “Convert”.

remove acsm drm

Remove DRM from Apple epub Books–Apple book drm removal

If you purchase from Apple Books, you would know that all Apple Books are drm-protected epub books. That means you cannot read Apple books on other eReader except Apple devices. If you are looking for the EPUB DRM Removal to bypass drm from Apple epub books, you can use Tuneskit for Mac. This tool can easily strip DRM protection from iBooks epub files on Apple store with 100% quality kept.

Step 1. download and install Tuneskit iBooks Copy. It only woks on Mac computer.

Step 2. import iBooks epub to Tuneskit iBook Copy.

Step 3. remove drm from iBooks Epub files by clicking “Convert” button at the bottom of Tuneskit.

ibook copy for mac


  • The Epub files may be encrypted with different drm schemes. That’s why we need different epub DRM removal.
  • The most common used drm for epub files are adobe drm, kobo drm, nook drm and ibook drm. You can just pick up the one fit you the best.
  • Compared with the free epub drm removal, the paid one will offer the customer support, technical support and regular updates.
  • If you want one epub drm removal to handle all above different epub drm, please contact iSummersoft customer support : support@isummersoft.com.

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