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4 Methods to Read EPUB on Kindle in 2022 and Beyond

August 15, 2022 terminator 0 Comments

Chances are you download hundreds of ePub format eBooks from online libraries. But how do you get your ePub books to be read on your favorite Kindle device?

Does Kindle directly support EPUB format books? Kindle uses its own eBooks formats such as AZW3, but it doesn’t mean that Kindle devices won’t allow us to read non-Kindle eBooks.

In this epic guide, I’ll show you 4 methods to read ePub on Kindle. 

Method 1. The easiest method to read ePub on a Kindle Fire(HD)

Though Amazon Kindle Fire runs a forked Android system, you can still sideload your preferred ePub reader app to your Kindle Fire and then use it to open your ePub books.

Step1. Set up your Kindle Fire to install apps from unknown sources.

By default, your Kindle Fire won’t allow you to install apps from third-party app stores. This setting can be changed, however. 

Hover to Settings -> Applications, then simply toggle the option for Apps from Unknown Sources.

install apps from third-party app stores

Step2. Install the “ES File Explorer” through the Amazon App Store.

You will also need a file explorer for your device. File explorer is an app that lets you access, edit and add programs to the Kindle’s file and folder system.

Here I recommend you download ES File Explorer in the Amazon App Store. Of course, you can use other similar tools like File Manager and File Expert from Amazon.

Alternative solution or step:

Amazon Fire OS has an app called “Docs”. I mean you can open “Docs” app to open the “Download” folder to find your downloaded apk packages.

Step3. Sideload the ePub reader app (.apk file) to Kindle Fire.

Now you can download Android ePub reading apps. On the home screen please press the Silk Browser icon to open your web browser, and then search the epub reader for your kindle fire to download it. 

By default, the downloaded app is a .apk file. When the download is completed, click on the file to continue to install it.

When it’s done, you should see a checkmark and the message “app installed.”

install epub reader for kindle fire

Which is the best ePub reader app for Kindle Fire? Here is my personal android epub reader apps list (top 3).

Supports EPUB and PDF formats and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks too.

Customizes your reading experience with font type, color, margin, night mode, bookmarks, full text search, etc..

Besides ePub, it also supports comic books, MS Word, and plain text formats.

Comes integrated with Google Translate.

Uses a proprietary Google Drive cloud service to sync books between your devices. 

Reads thousands of ebooks for free, support online ebook libraries; supports epub, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip or OPDS.

Highlight, annotation, dictionary (offline or online), translation, share functions.

EPUB3 multimedia content support (video and audio).

Step4. Download or send ePub to Kindle Fire and then open it.

You can use silk browser to access those free eBooks stores to download free ePub books to your Kindle fire, and then try to access the ePub files and open them via the reader app.

Of course, you can also download epub books to your computer, and then transfer them to Kindle Fire via USB. 


  • It’s possible to read ePub on Kindle with different epub readers.


  • Only works on Kindle Fire tablets.

Method 2. Send the downloaded ePub to Kindle via email

Thanks to the Kindle update in May, 2022, now you can directly send ePub books to Kindle devices using Send to Kindle. That means you can email ePub books to your @kindle.com address and they will be automatically converted and loaded onto your device (Documents folder) the next time it connects to the Internet. 


  • I would say this is the most simple way to read ePub for Kindle devices.


  • This method only works on DRM free ePub books.  For those DRM protected ePubs, please remove ePub drm first.

Method 3. Convert EPUB to Kindle supported format

Though Kindle now supports EPUB format to its email service, however,  in fact, this service seems like a conversion service more than the normal epub format support. And if you tried to directly send epub files to a kindle device via USB, you would find that you couldn’t open them. It means Kindle won’t support ePub format. 

But what if you could convert ePub to Kindle supported format?

The answer is yes. Here are 4 epub to kindle converter tools that you can get a trial.


  • Won’t lose any kindle books feature as we converted the ePub format.


  • Should install third-party apps to help convert the format.

Method 4. Kindle jailbreak epub

Kindle devices use Amazon’s own ecosystem, which makes the Kindle different from other Android devices. If you dislike the native system, jailbreaking the Kindle is a wise choice.

kindle jailbreak epub

So, how to jailbreak a Kindle 2022? For detailed information, please visit MobileRead and thanks to Katadelos for releasing this.

WatchThis – Software Jailbreak for any Kindle <= 5.14.2


  • Get rid of the Kindle system so that we can install any ePub readers(such as KOReader) on Kindle.


  • There’s always some risk involved, so proceed with caution and make sure to follow the steps very carefully.
  • The first step is to reset Kindle to factory. It’s likely you will miss some contents, don’t forget to backup your Kindle books before get started.

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