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How to Transfer/Send EPUB to Kindle eReaders [New Strategy]

In today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly how to transfer/send ePub to Kindle eReaders.

In fact: 

Amazon is going to be dropping support for the older MOBI format and adding support for the ePub format, provided the ePubs don’t have DRM.

kindle personal document service supports epub in 2022

Let’s start with this new strategy.

Method 1. Send EPUB to Kindle online (new way, convenient)

Send to Kindle online, Amazon new service, released this month, helps send files (epub included) to Kindle library (app, e-ink reader, e-ink tablet such as the Kindle Scribe, fire tablet).

send to kindle online

All you need to do is, sign in with your amazon account, choose the ePub file and click on the “Send” button. You can either send ePub to your targeted registered Kindle e-ink device or send ePub to your Kindle library so that all of your kindle machines would recognize the ePub file.


  • Send ePub online, no need to install or download anything else.
  • Simple steps to go, you even don’t have to set email address as the method 2.
  • You can do bulk Send to Kindle (200MB total size). 
  • Sync sent ePub books to Kindle cloud.


  • You can only send DRM free ePubs to Kindle.

Method 2. Transfer ePub to Kindle using Send to Kindle email 

Now we can send ePub files to Kindle wirelessly thanks to amazon’s new update.

Step 1. Go to amazon.com in a web browser on your PC/Mac.

Step 2. Login and navigate to the Content & Devices page.

Step 3. Click on the Devices tab and select the device you want to send your file to. 

registered kindle device


If you do not find any Kindle devices, you need to register your Kindle first.

Step 4. On the next page, you’ll see a Device Summary that lists your @kindle.com email address.

locate kindle email

Step 5. Press Ctrl C (Command C) to copy the Kindle email address.

Extra Tip: Here you can also confirm your device’s kindle email address by tapping on your Kindle’s settings. It should not contain any phrase of your real eamil address

kindle device's email

Step 6. Add the email address (you’ll be using to send ePubs to your Kindle) to Approved Personal Document E-mail List

add approved e-mail address

Step 7. Go to your email provider such as Hotmail, Gmail.

Step 8. Press Ctrl V (Command V) to paste the Kindle devices email address into the To: section of the email.

send epub to kindle email

Step 9. Enter the tite (subject) of the email(or leave it blank).

Step 10. Attach the ePub files and send the email.

Wait. You should receive the file (saved at the “documents” folder) in a few minutes. But you should confirm that your device is connected to Wifi or mobile internet.

epub books shown in kindle documents


  • Available on computer, android and iPhone.
  • It’s helpful (or necessary) if you don’t have a PC nearby and want to directly send epub from smartphone!
  • You can do bulk Send to Kindle(up to 25 epub documents, 50MB total size). 
  • A great way to sync and backup your ePub books on all devices as this service will add your books to your Kindle account (cloud).


  • You can only send DRM free ePubs to Kindle. For those DRM protected ePubs, remove ePub DRM first.
  • Cannot use publisher fonts, custom fonts, and pages on book. To resolve these issues, you can convert epub to azw3 and side load via usb.

Why the sent ePub won’t show up on my Kindle?

In general, the ePub books should appear on the Kindle library. If failed, try to sync your Kindle account again, or check the “Documents” section on your Kindle machine. 

If it still failed, you can try this solution. On kindle, create a new collection. Then, go to amazon official website and “content & devices” -> “Content”, and choose “Docs”, then the sent files (you tried to send via email) are shown here, select them and tap “add to collection”. Add them to the newly created collection please. Soon you will find the sent books will be shown on your kindle collection now. I’m not sure why this method works but it does work for me.

add epub to kindle collection

Send to Kindle not working?

Someone reported that the cover of the sent epub not show up, or the format is incorrect.

In fact, this is because some of those ePubs are not with the proper character encoding. To resolve this, all you need to do is encoding HTML in UTF-8 using the Modify ePub plugin for Calibre. The plugin helps convert your ePub to ePub.

Method 3. Transfer ePub to Kindle using the Send to Kindle app (PC/Mac)

The send to kindle app (not the kindle desktop) was created by Amazon, and it’s free. After amazon supports the ePub format for send to kindle email service, there’s a note saying the Send-to-Kindle app will also support ePub later in 2022.

But at the time of writing, this app hasn’t added the ePub format support. Whenever there are updates, I will also update this article in time.

send to kindle app doesn't support epub still now

Method 4. Use the free Kindle for IOS/Android app

We were told that we are able to send epub documents from the free Kindle for IOS/Android app to our Kindle library in late 2022.

use kindle android ios app to send epubs

Download the latest version of Kindle IOS / Android app to your phone or tablet, and then locate the epub book you want to send, tap the “Share” icon.

Select Kindle from the sharing options.

Method 5. Convert ePub to AZW3 and Transfer via USB

EPUB files we directly send to Kindle eReader won’t be recognized as the supported format, either.

The unique effective solution is to convert ePub to Kindle AZW3.

You can use iSummersoft ACSM Converter to help convert your library ePub books to be read on Kindle. It’s good for removing DRM from adobe ePub books and converting them to other popular eBooks formats such as Kindle, PDF, txt. It’s easy to use and reliable.

remove acsm drm

Of course you can still use Calibre and other tools to achieve the same results.

After you get the converted files, now you can directly transfer them via USB to your Kindle.

read epub on kindle now


  • Works on Windows and Mac.
  • Some ePub to Kindle converters also help convert DRMed ePub for Kindle, a one-stop solution to make library eBooks readable on Kindle.
  • The best way to back up one book in both ePub and kindle format.
  • This method is more convenient than the kindle email service.


  • You should download and install third-party software to help convert ePub books. And some of them are paid software.

Where do my transferred ebooks show up?

Once transferred your ebooks to kindle, no matter via email or usb cable, go to the home page of your kindle, sync Kindle and then tap Library.

If your books are transferred via email, it should be on the cloud. Tap it to download it to your kindle device. Or you can also find it under “Documents” tab.

If your books are transferred via usb, it should be in the downloaded tab on your kindle.

Where to get free ebooks?

Although you can always save money on discount ebooks, doesn’t the idea of free ebooks sound pretty sweet. Fortunately, there are tons of different ebook platforms that offer exactly that.

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