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How to Transfer Kindle eBooks to reMarkable Tablets (2024 Works)

The biggest difference between reMarkable and Kindle e-Ink is that the reMarkable is an e-ink paper tablet while Kindle is e-ink reader only. Kindle eBooks are rich and cheap, but for me I really love the reMarkable 2 because I can take handwritten notes. What a surprise if I can read Kindle eBooks on reMarkable tablet!

As a matter of fact, the reMarkable paper tablet supports the DRM free ePub eBooks only, Kindle drm protected KFX format eBooks are not supported. In other words, only if we can remove Kindle DRM and convert Kindle to ePub, then we can transfer kindle files to remarkable.

remarkable kindle no

But how to deDRM Kindle eBooks and convert KFX to ePub? You can use Calibre and DeDRM plugin (free).

  1. Download and install Calibre, add DeDRM plugin to Calibre.
  2. If you want to remove Kindle DRM on Win10, use Kindle for PC version 1.17 to help download Kindle books. And then, import the download kindle files to calibre. The drm will be removed.
  3. If you want to convert KFX to ePub on Mac, you should use chmod -x command to avoid Kindle KFX format downloading. Then, import those non-kfx eBooks to calibre to remove the DRM.
  4. Convert Kindle to ePub in Calibre “Convert books”.
convert kindle to remarkable with calibre

Click to open the output path, select DRM free ePub books and transfer them to reMarkable via USB or use the reMarkable desktop.

drop epub to remarkable

That’s all. Above method is available for those people who want to read purchased Kindle eBooks on reMarkable tablets. And it also works for reading Kindle eBooks on Pocketbook reader, Kobo eReader, etc..

Friendly note:

The key requirement of transferring Kindle eBooks to reMarkable 2 is to convert Kindle eBooks to ePub format. If you think above method which using Calibre to convert Kindle files is not so easy, you can also consider this Kindle eBook Converter(easier to use than calibre).

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