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How to Remove Kindle DRM and Convert Kindle to PDF/EPUB/DOCX/AZW3

December 8, 2020 terminator 0 Comments

There are different ways to remove kindle drm when you “Google” on the internet. But are they really valid? Along with the Kindle forced to upgrade to the latest version v2.0 without permission, things just got a little harder for folks who want to remove kindle drm from their purchase kindle books.

Here are 3 effective ways to removing Kindle DRM and transforming Kindle eBooks from kfx/azw/azw3 to epub/pdf/azw3/docx format.

Method 1. Download & Transfer via USB and DeDRM

If you have any kindle e-ink devices registered with your Amazon account, you can use this method. It supports almost all kinds of Kindle eBooks, only if when you the see the “supported device” part gray the devices out. I mean, if the book publisher limit the book’s readability on e_ink, you are not allowed to use this method to remove your books

Method 2. Remove Kindle DRM from Kindle for PC/Mac Desktop

I’m proud to announce this good news that now we support the kindle drm removing from the latest kindle for PC/Mac desktop app. For a long time we must downgrade our kindle desktop to an older version and even do more things to disable the kfx format downloading, but now everything goes simple.

Step 1. Download Kindle AZW eBooks to PC/Mac.

Download Kindle for Windows or Mac app to your computer first.

Download the above app to your desktop, please. Then log in with your amazon kindle account to sync or download your kindle books for offline reading.

download kindle books offline

Tips: The downloaded Kindle books are saved in .azw or .kcr (Mac only) format. By default, they are saved in “My Kindle Content” folder.

Step 2. Use Kindle Converter to DeDRM Kindle.

Download and install our iSummersoft Kindle Converter tool, it helps auto-detect your downloaded kindle books in the left kindle library of its main UI. All you need to do is to drag and drop your books to the right area, then the drm limitation in your books is unlocked quickly.

kindle dedrm Mac

Step 3. Convert Kindle to ePub or PDF.

You should continue to convert your books to other formats: ePub, PDF, DOCX, AZW3, Mobi, TXT. They are popular eBooks’ formats which are mostly used on those famous eReaders or reading apps.

Now click on the output folder to find your converted completed books.

Note: As of March 2024, Kindle supports Mobi, AZW3, PDF, ePub, and Docx, while other non-Kindle apps and devices support ePub, PDF and DOCX. In other words, if you would like to only crack your Kindle books, share them or backup them on your local computer, whichever will be OK. But if you want to read your books on other apps, please choose ePub or PDF. What’s more, if you want to take notes or re-edit them at other places, I recommend you convert your Kindle to word docx format.

Method 3. Use Calibre Free Kindle DeDRM Plugin (also with KFX Input Plugin)

Calibre is a famous eBook conversion tool and eBook management tool. In fact, it also helps remove drm from our eBooks, but we should add 2 more plugins to it before we convert our files.

Step 1. Download and install Calibre.

Go straight to the Calibre official website to download the correct one you need.

The newest version now is V7.6.

Step 2. Download the DeDRM Plugin to Calibre.

Download DeDRM Plugin v10.0, then unzip and extract it.

You will get something like this. Add the The file the one that called DeDRM_plugin (it matters).

Step 3. Download the KFX Input plugin to calibre.

The dedrm plugin won’t work for Kindle kfx eBooks dedrm unless we also add the kfx input plugin(v2.9) to calibre.

No need to unzip this plugin file.

Step 4. Add the dedrm and kfx input plugin to Calibre.

Go to calibre to add plugins under “Preferences”.¬†Click the “DeDRM_plugin.zip” to add the plugin.

Click ok on all and then “apply”.

Next continue to add the kfx input.zip, steps are nearly the same as adding the nodrm fork.

Close the Calibre and restart it.

Step 5. Locate downloaded Kindle books to Calibre library.

Find your downloaded Kindle books that you downloaded via desktop or Kindle eInk. Then drag them to calibre library.

Tips: Calibre itself won’t help you find your downloaded kindle files. I would let you know that the kindle books saved on our computer are in .azw, .kfx, .azw3 or .kcr format. Find them on your local drive and add them.

Step 6. Convert kindle book to other formats.

Select book(s) and click on “Convert books” to select the target output format to convert.

Wait until you see the “jobs: 0”, it means the conversion is OK now.

It does work, but with more steps and takes more time.

It’s free, you all like it.

But adding 2 plugins are not so easy, and finding the located Kindle books is a little messy especially for those computer beginners. I here also should tell you that you won’t get any technical support if you failed to dedrm your kindle books, for example, the kfx-zip or kcr drm remove error.

Compared to Calibre, I highly recommend you use the Kindle Converter tool. It saves your time much, and your time is more expensive than the Calibre, right?

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