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Can I Read Kindle Books on Kobo? Solved!

The Kobo is a small yet efficient electronic gadget that is useful for reading books, which has been developed by the famous online retailer giant kobo. Like you download music for your MP3 player or iPod, you can download books onto a Kobo device to read them, anywhere, anytime, using this portable handy device. But if you did not buy from kobo store, but from Amazon kindle–the world’s biggest ebook retailer. Things will be different.

I have a Kobo, can I read my purchased Amazon Kindle books on it?” Have you ever thought about reading kindle books on kobo device? But get the negative answer–nope. Kobo has its own ebook stores, so it won’t accept Amazon kindle books for the following two reasons.


    Kobo uses a different proprietary ebook format—epub, the most widespread standard for ebooks. In the contrast, kindle adopts the Kindle format, azw, mobi, kfx which are closed format.


    Kobo uses a different drm—kobo drm or adobe drm. All kindle books are encrypted with kindle drm.

Considering the above reason, you cannot read kindle books on kobo. If we can bypass the Kindle drm and convert kindle books to kobo supported format, things will be totally different.
With the help of iSummersoft Kindle Converter, you can read kindle books on kobo very easily, smoothly, and without much hassle. The detailed steps of reading kindle on kobo are listed below.

Step 1. Download kindle books to your PC/Mac.

Make sure your kindle books have been sideloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac.

Mac Catalina and Big Sur users need the different ways to download kindle books, check out here.

Step 2. Download best kindle Converter tool.

A powerful tool should be recommended to help you finish this task—iSummer Kindle Converter. This is surely one of the most efficient, full featured, the best kindle drm removal and kindle ebook converter with every possible bell and whistle that you’ll ever need. This software is compatible with both Windows platform and Mac OS X. It comes with a wide array of powerful features, whilst, the main features that it supports kindle azw, azw3, mobi, kfx ebook drm removing and converting.

Step 3. Remove Kindle DRM and convert kindle books to epub format.

Launch iSummer kindle converter, now click on “kindle” tab at the left panel, the downloaded kindle books will loaded. Then drag and drop the books to the right column, the drm has been removed.

Next, you can simply select “epub” as the output format, then click on ” convert to epub” to process the conversion. Wait a moment and the kindle books will be converted to epub successfully.

convert kindle to epub

Step 4. Transfer kindle epub to Kobo device.

Connect your Kobo to computer with USB cable, and then double-click “Kobo. Find the folder that you want to transfer files to Kobo, copy and paste your newly converted kindle epub books to Kobo directly.

Step 5. Read kindle books on Kobo.

And that’s it! All the set-up is just ended here. As you’re done with the necessary setup, next when you turn on the Kobo, you will have a plenty of interesting kobo ebooks ready to read. Thus, you can read kindle books on kobo so easily.

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