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How to Read Wattpad Stories on Kindle

Is there any way to get Wattpad stories on my Kindle? Reading Wattpad book online is fine, but it is better to read them on my Kindle and manage them at one place.

It is a common question if you have a kindle device and read a lot wattpad stories. Everyone wants to read their ebooks at one Ebook reader because it is easy for them to manage their library. Before learning how to read Wattpad on Kindle device, let’s check the gap between Wattpad ebooks and kindle device.

What’s the gap between Wattpad and kindle device?

Wattpad is a community for stories, providing a new way for users to access the best place to discover and share stories. It is great if you specialize in young adult fiction. A lot of young adult romance writers would basically just give away the first book on Wattpad and get people all excited.

Amazon kindle has professional and independently published works, usually money is involved to get them. It provides over 1 million books in the kindle store. Kindle device is designed to browse, buy, download and read kindle ebooks.

Is kindle just restricted to reading books from Amazon? Definitely “NO”. Kindle is not restricted to Amazon. I get many of my ebooks from my local library or online library and read them on my kindle device.

So to get our Wattpad books on kindle device for reading, we just need to make the Wattpad ebooks are kindle supported format, let’s say AZW3 or Mobi format.

But what’s exactly the steps to read Wattpad on kindle device, including kindle fire or kindle eink device? In this article, I will show you how to read Wattpad stories on Kindle Fire and on Kindle Paperwhite.

How to read Wattpad on Kindle Fire?

There are two ways to read Wattpad on Kindle Fire, via web browser or Wattpad app for android(kindle fire).

Method 1. Read Wattpad on Kindle Fire via Web Browser

It is well known that even the basic kindles have a web browser. So does the kindle fire. The easiest way to read Wattpad stories on kindle fire is to use the web browser to access Wattpad.

Step 1. Login in to your Wattpad with your account information via your kindle fire silk browser. Of course you can use other web browsers if you’ve already installed them on your kindle fire.

wattpad on silk browser

Step 2. Then just find your Achieved wattpad stories to read. Or you can add new stories to your library.

Just two steps to read your wattpad on kindle fire online. But if you want to get your Wattpad stories offline reading, this method may disappoint you.

Method 2. Read Wattpad on Kindle Fire via Wattpad app for kindle fire (not available now)

I’ve checked this method and ensure that there is no Wattpad app for Kindle Fire available for downloading now. The Wattpad did add the Wattpad app for kindle fire to Amazon app store, but you cannot find it now. So we cannot go through this way.

How to read Wattpad on Kindle Paperwhite?

Different from the kindle fire, the built-in web browser on Kindle Paperwhite (or any other kindle eink devices) doesn’t work as fast as on kindle fire tablet. So if you try to use the web browser to read Wattpad stories on your kindle Paperwhite, then it may take a whole day to read a few pages.

You may ask if there is any app that I can install on Kindle paperwhile for reading Wattpad stories. The answer to this question is also “NO”.

So can we really read Wattpad on kindle paperwhite? Of course YES, you can read Wattpad stories on kindle paperwhite if you use the iSummersoft Wattpad Converter to download your Wattpad to azw3 or mobi format.

Let’s show you how to do this.

Step 1. Download and install iSummersoft Wattpad Downloader.

Step 2. Launch Wattpad Converter, and then click on “Log in” button in the left column to and enter your Wattpad login information, finally click on “Log in”.

login wattpad within isummersoft

Step 3. Then your Wattpad library will show in the left side with categories like “Current reads”, “Archive” “reading list” and so on. Just drag the books you want to convert to the right side and then choose the target format from the conversion button at the bottom-right side. Then click on “Convert to azw3” or “Convert to mobi” to finish the conversion.

download wattpad to epub or pdf

Step 4. Once the conversion has finished, click the “Open” button to find your converted books. Then connect your kindle device to your computer via usb, then copy and past your converted ebook to “Documents” folder on the Kindle Paperwhite. If you put the file in the root drive, it won’t appear on the Home screen of your Kindle Paperwhite.

Now you can read your Wattpad stories on your kindle paperwhite. If you also want to read Wattpad books on your kindle fire offline, you can also follow this method to convert Wattpad to azw3 and transfer it to your Kindle fire.

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