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How to Read Nook on Kobo ( 3 Steps)

September 4, 2022 terminator 0 Comments

I have purchased a new kobo device, but I don’t want to lose my already purchased Nook books. I am not sure about buying another Nook. Is there any way to convert Nook books to be readable on a Kobo eReader without the formatting being messed up.

To read Nook books, you need to remove Nook drm from your nook books. To do so, iSummersoft Nook  Converter is your best choice. It helps you remove drm from Nook books and convert Nook books to any other format easily.

Step 1. Download Nook books to your computer

Before removing nook books, the first step is to download Nook books.  If you have your Nook books downloaded already on your computer, things will be much easier. If they are still in your Nook library, follow my instructions strictly to get them downloaded now.

For Windows users ( Windows 11, 10 and 8)

Download the Nook app from Microsoft Windows store to your Windows computer. 

get nook app from Microsoft store

Then log in your Nook app for Windows, and then click the book cover to download your Nook books to your computer.

download nook books

What if I only have a Mac computer?

The Mac computer doesn’t have Nook app to download Nook books, still there are two solutions for this kind of users:

1, Install a virtual Windows machine on your Mac.

2. Install Windows 10 system for your Mac.

Step 2. Remove drm from Nook books

Now download and install the latest version of iSummersoft Nook Converter.

Then fill in your nook account information in your Nook converter. Note: this is for generating nook key file for removing drm.

input nook account

Drag the Nook books from the left side of Nook Converter to the right side to remove Nook drm.

remove drm from nook books

Now click the “Open” button at the bottom of the Nook Converter, you’ll find your decrypted Nook books which are all DRM-free.

Step 3. transfer Nook books to kobo.

Connect your Kobo device to your computer via USB, and then copy and paste the decrypted Nook books to it.

Now you can read your nook books on kobo device without limits.

Final Words

  • The Nook and the Kobo both read epub books natively. So to read nook on kobo, you just need to remove Nook drm.
  • Inputting the Nook account information is for generating the key to decrypt Nook books.
  • There is no app on Mac for download Nook books. But if you can get the Windows system installed on your Mac, you also can remove Nook drm on Mac.

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