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How to Convert Kindle to ePub 2022

February 28, 2022 terminator 0 Comments

There are always a variety of reasons that why you would want to convert kindle books to Epub. The first and most frequently mentioned reason is to make kindle books compatiable with other epub readers. Anyway, people may also want to back up kindle books on your computer without drm protection. Whatever the reason might be. Can we convert kindle books to epub format? Yes, you can. It’s not too hard if you know what to do. I’ve detailed all instructions nicely here for you.

Part 1. Convert kindle to epub Windows

Step 1. Download kindle for PC to you Windows.

Step 2. Launch iSummersoft Kindle Converter.

Step 3. Download kindle books via kindle for PC. Please keep iSummersoft Kindle Converter running at the background while doing so.

Step 4. Add kindle books from left corner to the right to strip kindle drm. Then choose “Epub” as the target format to convert kindle to epub format.

convert kindle to epub windows

Part 2. Convert kindle to epub Mac

Step 1. download kindle for mac 1.31 or older version on your Mac. If your kindle for Mac version is higher than 1.31, please uninstall it and then download & install kindle for Mac 1.31 at first.

Notification: After install kindle for Mac V1.31, go to Kindle> Preference>Update to uncheck the auto-update box to stop kindle app update automatically.

stop kindle app update

Step 2. Run the following command in “Terminal”.

sudo chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test

run command on command

Then input your Passwords, press “Enter” button. Close the terminal window.

Step 3. Launch kindle for Mac. Right click the book cover and select “Download” to download your kindle books. 

download kindle books


1. If you have downloaded kindle books before running the above command, delete them. Then right click the book covert to download them again otherwise you may fail to remove drm from them.

2. Don’t open these books before removing kindle drm.

Step 4. Run iSummersoft Kindle Converter. Drag books to the right column. Then select “Convert to Epub” to start the conversion.

Part 3. Convert kindle to epub android/iOS 

Although you can download kindle books to your Android/iOS device via kindle for Android/iOS app, there is no way to convert kindle to epub on Android/iOS device as well as remove kindle drm on them. 

Part 4. FAQ

How to convert a kindle book to ePub using free tools?

Although there are many tools that can help you convert a kindle book to ePub, the free tool should be the most attractive one.

Calibre is a ebook manager that gives users plenty of creative freedom and multiple options to customize their ebook library. With the DeDRM Plugin installed, Calibre can be the best free Kindle to Epub Converter. We have discussed how to install dedrm plugin to caliber before. You can follow the below guide to learn how to convert kindle to epub with Calibre.

How to convert kindle to epub online?

If you are looking for the online kindle to epub converter, the google search results will show you different online converters. To be clear, these online converters did can convert kindle to epub online, but only drm-free kindle books.

Online kindle to epub converters:

  1. zamzar
  2. online-convert
  3. CloudConvert

The steps to converting kindle to epub online is very simple. Just add kindle books (no drm) to online converters, choose “ePUB” as the target format, then click “Convert” to start the conversion. When the file is converted, you can download them to your computer.

Bear this in mind that online kindle to epub converters only handle drm-free kindle books.

Is converting a kindle books to epub format legal?

If your books are copyrighted, it is illegal to convert drmed kindle books to epub according to DMCA. Actually, should we convert kindle books to epub? It depends on you. Personally, I think it’s your right to read the books you buy on whatever device you want, if you don’t distribute them. Anyway, we can not always tell the law is correct or not.

Is it possible to convert a kindle book to a pdf?

Sure. Converting a kindle book to a pdf is exactly the same as converting a kindle book to a epub. So you can just follow the above methods to make it happen.

Does the Amazon kindle supports PDF and epub file?

No matter kindle app or kindle eReader, they both support pdf formats. But epub file is not supported by kindle natively. However, if you want to read ePub on kindle, you can convert epub to mobi or azw3 format.

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