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convert audible to mp3 windows 11

How to Convert Audible to MP3 Windows 11

Windows 11 is out and available as a free update for those still on Windows 10. If you want to make the leap already, here’s how to convert audible to mp3 on Windows 11.

3 steps to Convert DRM-protected Audible to MP3 format on Windows 11

Step 1. Download Audible to Windows 11

To download Audible to Windows 11 or other Windows platform, just login to Audible.com. Then Go to your Audible Library, click ‘Download’ button to download your audible to your Windows computer.

download audible to windows 11

Then choose the location for your Audible files.

Question: Why there is no download button beside the Audible book title?

Answer: Audible offers different membership plans, like Audible plus and Audible Premium plus. If you are adding the audible titles to your library via these two Audible subscription service, then these books are not purchased by you but rented. Thus, this kind of Audible books are not able to be downloaded. That’s why you cannot find the download button and download your audible books. 

How to convert audible books with “no download” button?iSummersoft Audible Converter also lets you download and convert this kind of audible books. Just sign in Audible account within isummersoft Audible Converter and the Audible you added to your Audible library will displayed in the left panel.

audible account login

audible plans

Step 2. Download and install Audible Converter for Windows & Mac

There are many different audible converters on the market, iSummersoft Audible Converter is the only one that can handle both Audible files downloaded to computer or Android device(in .aaxc format). It supports both Windows and Mac system.

You can click the download button above to get the installation package and follow the instruction to install it on your Windows 11 or other Windows or Mac system.

audible converter on windows 11

Step 3. Convert Audible to MP3 Windows 11

Then add audible file to Audible convert by dragging and dropping. Choose the output format “MP3” and click on “Convert” to start the conversion.

convert audible to mp3

Audible Converter supports batch conversion, so several audiobooks can be converted at a time.

convert audible to mp3 successfully

Meanwhile, Audible Converter also supports chapter splitting. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the licensed version. To unlock all the features, please upgrade the trial version to license version.

If you are certain that you want to update to Windows 11, there is no need to worry about your Audible files converting to MP3.

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