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How to Download Audible Books to Mac/PC/Android/Kindle (Full Guide)

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While you can certainly play downloaded Audible audiobooks offline, you’ll need to use audible app or similar services to help sync and download. In this article, I’ll show you multiple ways to download Audible to Mac / PC / Android / IOS / Kindle devices and introduce some common solutions when Audible titles won’t download.

Part 1. How to download audible books to Mac

Compared with Windows system, there is only one effective method to download audible titles to Mac, but it is super easy. You don’t even to install extra app to help you do this job.

1. Go to in a web browser.

2. Sign in your Amazon account.

3. Click Download button to download your audible books to Mac.

A window will pop up and you can choose the location by yourself to store the Audible file on your Mac.

  • Downloaded format: AAX.
  • Download location: Depended on the folder you choose when downloading the title.

Part 2. Downoad Audible for Windows in 2022

3 different methods will be shared for Windows users.

Method 1. Download audible to Windows via browser.

1. Go to in a browser and log into your account, then select “Library” in the menu at the top of the screen.

2. Click “Download” button next to the book title to download the audible books.

audible library 2024

3. You’ll then see the download notification pop up. Just choose the folder you want to store your download audible books and then click on “Save”.

  • Available on: Windows 8 / 10 /11
  • Downloaded format: AAX, MP4 (if downloaded by Firefox).
  • Download location: Default folder is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Audible\Downloads, but you can change its location.

Method 2. Download Audible via AudibleSync app.

Audible released new app named AudibleSync as soon as they announced that they will discontinue the Audible windows10 app. You can not only use AudibleSync to help download audible books quickly and also use it to transfer the downloaded titles to supported MP3 players.

1. Launch AudibleSync app on your win computer, and login to it with your Audible Account. ( Install AudibleSync first if you still have not).

2. Go to Audible Library and click “Download” button next to its title and give it a few seconds for downloading.

download audible via audiblesync

3. Once downloaded, you won’t see that download button anymore.

  • Available on: Windows 10 /11
  • Downloaded format: AAX.
  • Download location: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\AudibleSync\downloads.

Method 3. Download audible via Audible android app.

To download the Audible Android app on Windows 11, the first step is to install the Amazon Appstore app from the Microsoft Store.

amazon app store on windows11

Then, enable virtualization in your device to run the Windows Subsystem for Android.

run the Windows Subsystem for Android

Follow the instructions to finish the setting up job. Then restart your computer,

Open the Amazon Appstore app and login with your amazon account. Now search the Audible app from this store and install the audible android app.

Once installed, you can search the audible title and download it. Nearly the same steps as the previous audible win10 app (it now stopped working).

  • Available on: Windows 11.
  • Downloaded format: AAX, AAXC.
  • Download location: Unkonwn.

Troubleshooting: Audible Book Won’t Download to PC/Mac

There are 5 common solutions when you find your Audible audiobooks won’t download to your computer.

Solution 1. Check the audiobook is purchased or subscribed.

There are mainly two types of audiobooks available on the Audible website. First which you have to purchase, and second which are free for the subscription members.

Please note that only those purchased books can be downloaded directly via browser. Books that you rented via your audible membership service won’t be provided a “Download” option when you access your library via Chrome / Edge/ Firefox / Safari browser.

Solution 2. Change the “download by parts” setting.

Enable the download by parts setting, and then the content will be downloaded in a smaller size, which won’t take too much space of the device.

download audible multiple parts

Solution 3. Change the download quality on your app.

The download will be in high quality by default. But if you find your download still won’t start even you have enabled the multi-part downloads, you can change the download quality on your audible app.

Solution 4. Update or reinstall your audible app.

The easiest method to download audible aax to computer is using the browser. Though we can also use audiblesync or the android win11 app to help download files, but as what I known, neither of them is as stable as the audible win10 app. But if you try to update your app to the latest version, or reinstall the newest one from official website, maybe it works.

Solution 5. Audible marketplace differs (region-restricted reason).

Not all of the audible marketplaces allow us to download audible titles online.

It’s strictly limited to the Audible US, UK and CA.

Part 3. How to download audible books to Android

1. Tap menu button (☰) in the upper-left side of the main Audible page.

2. Tap Library, long-press your book, and tap Download or just tap the book cover to download this audible book.

download audible android

Where are audible files stored on android?

The default audible file location on android is here:
Internal storage\Android\data\\files

audible aaxc location

How to Convert AAXC to MP3?

Learn how to convert audible books downloaded on android device to drm-free mp3 files?

Part 4. How to download audible books to iphone

Once you’ve signed into your Audible account, it will take you directly to that “My Library” tab at the bottom, where all your purchased books live. Books that have not been downloaded will have an arrow on the bottom right corner of the cover.

Simply tap on it once, your audiobook starts downloading, and is ready to play after a few seconds. To easily find all the books you’ve downloaded to your phone, tap the “Device” bar at the top of your library.

download audible iphone

Where are audible books stored on iphone?

You cannot find your downloaded audible files on iPhone or iOS devices because the iOS system is closed system.

Can’t download an Audiobook on Audible for Android & IOS app?

Check from the below list to resolve your problem if you failed to download audible books on audible ios android app.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Update your audible app
  • Multi-part download
  • change the download quality
  • Clear the app data & cache
  • Uninstall / reinstall the app
update the audible app

Part 5. How to download audible books to kindle eReader

1. Tap “My Library” on Kindle and  user filter to see Audible books only by choosing “Audible”.

kindle download audible

2. Tap the book cover to download audible books to your kindle.

download audible to kindle ereader

Where are audible books stored on kindle?

The downloaded audible books will be stored under the “Audible” folder on your kindle device.

Want to know if you kindle eReader supports Audible books or not? Check the below audible compatible kindle device sheet.

Audible Compatible Kindle Devices

DeviceAudible Compatible
Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen)Yes
Kindle Oasis (9th Gen)Yes
Kindle Oasis (8th Gen)Yes
Kindle (8th Gen)Yes
Kindle (1st & 2nd Gen)Yes
Kindle TouchYes
Kindle KeyboardYes
Kindle DXYes
Kindle Fire (1st & 2nd Gen)Yes
Kindle Fire HD (2nd & 3rd Gen)Yes
Kindle Fire HDX (3rd Gen)Yes
Fire HDX (4th Gen)Yes
Fire HD (4th-8th Gen)Yes
Fire (5th Gen)Yes
Kindle Paperwhite (5th Gen, 6th Gen, 7th Gen)No
Kindle (7th Gen)No
Kindle VoyageNo

Part 6. How to download audible books to Kindle fire

1. On Kindle Fires there is an “Audible” tab located on the top bar of the home screen. Tapping “Audible” will reveal any of your already purchased items located in the cloud.

2. In the Audible library, just tap the book cover to download it.

How to back up audible books safely?

Generally, the audible files are associated with audible account. Knowing the audible file location is not the end of story. We need to remove audible drm and convert audible books to mp3 for safely backup.

When it comes to converting audible to mp3, an easy tool call iSummersoft Audible Converter will be your best bet to start off. It is your one-stop solution for audible books. Cracking audible drm, converting audible in mp3, and splitting audible books in to chapters are all supported. Most importantly, it is easy to use.

1. Run iSummersoft Audible Converter and drag & drop your download audible books to it.

2. Then click gear icon in the top-right corner to open the spliting settings. The check “Split by chapters” >>”ok”. If you want to keep the converted mp3 audible books in one file, just skip this step.

3. Select mp3 or m4b, then click “Convert to MP3” or “Convert to M4B” to start the conversion.

4. Once done, click “Open” to unveil the converted files.

These drm-free mp3 or m4b files are total under your control.

Say more, the good point of using this tool is that it also helps convert those “subscribed” audible titles (they are not allowed to be downloaded online as aax).

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