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Method to Convert Audible to MP3 via OpenAudible (on Mac Big Sur)

February 28, 2021 terminator 0 Comments

When talking about converting audible to mp3 open source, OpenAudible will be the first choice as it’s an excellent cross-platform audible audiobook manager used for downloading, viewing, converting audible to MP3, and organizing your aax files with the desktop application(Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Here are the steps that how I successfully convert audible to mp3 via OpenAudible on my Mac Big Sur.

Step 1. Download OpenAudible (v2.3.5).

I downloaded this app from openaudible official site, the latest version released is v2.3.5.

Download the dmg app and then right-click to open this app. I was told that the OpenAudible.app can’t be opened because Apple can’t check it for malicious software.

openaudible app can't be opened

Then I click “Mac” -> “System Preferences” -> “Security & Privacy”, and “allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers”. Click on “Open Anyway” button and continue to install the OpenAudible.

open openaudible app mac

Launch this app.

launch openaudible

Note: OpenAudible had been free as an open source project for a long time, but now the available version we can download is 2.3.5 from its official website and it’s a shareware now (costs $12.00). Even though I downloaded the vesion 1.x from Github, after I launching it, I WAS told that I must update it.

force update

Step 2. Connect OpenAudible to Audible and Download AAX.

Select Controls -> Connect to Audible.

connect OpenAudible to Audible

Enter email and password to sign in Audible with your Amazon account (or audible account).

login audible within app

A new window will pop up, it shows our audible library. Close this window and back to OpenAudible window.

close audible window


OpenAudible works in Audible US, DE, FR, and AU. It is not compatible with Audible IT and JP (Italy and Japan.)
quick library sync

Select “Quick Library Sync” and wait for moments.

audible library showing

Soon all my purchased audible titles are shown up at the bottom.

Select one book and right-click to “Download” this title. It’s also possible to bulk-download all the audible books.

download audible in openaudible app

OpenAudible starts downloading my audio file.

audible downloading state

When I see “Ready to convert to MP3”, I know the downloading completed.


If right-click and select “Show AAX”, the downloaded audible aax file location will open.

Step 3. Convert AAX to MP3 via OpenAudible.

ready to convert audible

Right-click and select “Convert to MP3”.

As what I introduced, now the OpenAudible is a paid software. If we want to convert audible aax to mp3, we must purchase a license.

openaudible demo limits

Click the purchase link to finish one order and then input the license to activate it online.

openaudible license code

Wait for the aax to mp3 conversion. Once finished, show MP3 then I find it.


OpenAudible helps store my audible books in one place, I really love it.

Frequently Asked Questions about OpenAudible

  • Is OpenAudible safe?

Since openaudible makes us login, then someone will think it goes against the Audible terms of service and use. In my opinion, Openaudible is safe to download and install (famous open source project), if we use OpenAudible for personal use (backup our audible audiobooks, share audible with friends), it’s safe 100%.

  • Can I use OpenAudible android?

OpenAudible provides Windows, Mac and Linux desktop version, but it doesn’t support android download, please note.

  • Must I purchase a license code? Is it possible to crack OpenAudible?

I guess you only want to convert one or two audible books, then you don’t think it’s a wise choice to purchase an Openaudible license code. If so, here I will recommend you consider using this alternative — iSummersoft Audible Converter, because it converts audible aax files with higher speed compared to openaudible. And its price is really nice, $19.99 for one-year license, the cheaptest one among those powerful audiobook converters.

openaudible alternative isummer

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