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Many people ask whether they can read kindle books on an iPad. The fact is that there is more than one way to read kindle books on an iPad. In this post, I will

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In today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly how to transfer/send ePub to Kindle eReaders. In fact:  Amazon is going to be dropping support for the older MOBI format and adding support

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As the most common of all the formats, . epub is widely supported across all platforms. Most importantly Epub format has been used by many ebook vendors, such as iBooks, kobo, Barnes &

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If you were a thrifty bookworm, this list of the 10 best websites to download free eBooks must be your life-saver. Great illegal websites to download free eBooks for Kindle, Kobo, Google, and

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Windows 11 is out and available as a free update for those still on Windows 10. If you want to make the leap already, here's how to convert audible to mp3 on Windows

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Bookeen, la société basée à Paris, fabrique des liseuses électroniques depuis 2003 et gère également une gamme complète de services en « marque blanche » pour les partenaires et les distributeurs du monde entier.

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Siempre hay una variedad de razones por las que querría convertir los libros de Kindle a Epub. La primera y más frecuentemente mencionada razón es hacer que los libros kindle sean compatibles con

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There are always a variety of reasons that why you would want to convert kindle books to Epub. The first and most frequently mentioned reason is to make kindle books compatiable with other

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We get aax format audiobooks from audible.com, but there is not an official Audible app for Mac like you get in Windows. So, how to play audible aax on a Mac computer? Method

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Can I print pages from a kortext eTextbook? Sure, you can print pages from a kortext book. But can we print a whole Kortext eTextbook? Sure, you can print an entire Kortext book